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WHAT UP! I'm Lane, 22 and from Sydney. im a derby girl in training and a goalkeeping superstar. talents include guitar, drums, skateboarding and a natural ability which few know about ;) I have tattoos, piercings and fag swag. Pokemon and Star Wars are my main obsessions, with WOMEN being the number one. I like to draw stuff, and make people smile.I dare you to get to know me. Raging Dykes [ dyking ]

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Oct 21 2014 10:39 pm

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Oct 21 2014 10:36 pm

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a new ask meme: go to my ask and paste the last thing you copied and send it to me without any explanation

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Oct 21 2014 10:33 pm

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a guy walked into the board room and said

"hi sweetheart if you could fix me up a coffee real quick im meeting with the regional reports manager in like five minutes, thanks darling"

and i just stared at him and coldly said

"i am the regional reports manager"

we are now twenty minutes into this board meeting and i dont think i’ve ever seen a man look so embarrassed and afraid in my whole life


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Oct 21 2014 10:32 pm

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More @ http://body-decorations.tumblr.com

Oct 21 2014 10:32 pm

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Oct 21 2014 10:29 pm

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Oct 21 2014 10:29 pm

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in grade 8 i did a power point presentation on “whooping cough” and my opening slide was a photo of whoopi goldberg coughing and i was the only person who laughed at it and i couldnt start the presentation for like five minutes because i was laughing too hard at my own joke

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Oct 21 2014 10:28 pm

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so thats what its called

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Oct 21 2014 10:22 pm

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I have a few copies of “Playboy” from the 1970s stashed away somewhere. One of them has a letter where a guy writes in saying, “I met this really gorgeous, sweet woman, and we were planning to get married, but she sat me down yesterday and told me that she had a sex change before she met me. Mr. Hefner, should I marry someone who used to be a man?” and the response was, “So she had a sex change, big whoop. Would you be asking this question if she’d made any other change in her life before she met you? You love the woman she is now, and that’s all that should matter. If you want kids you can adopt or something.”

I feel so conflicted right now

That awkward moment when Hugh Hefner is more trans-positive than most feminists of the same era. 


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Oct 21 2014 10:06 pm

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if i get rich my mom gettin paid first thing

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Oct 21 2014 10:04 pm

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is ellen even hosting or is she just hanging out with famous people

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Oct 21 2014 10:04 pm

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i want the “steve rogers is bi” movement to become so strong that people who arent in on it begin to question it. they’ll be like “he isn’t canonically bi… is he?” but they’ll never find a real answer bc so many people will be like “no. he is. he definitely is” and everyone will be confused and then his bisexuality will get written into movies

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Oct 21 2014 10:03 pm

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oh man ok apparently this kid at our school saw a kitten before getting on the bus so he just. picked it up. and stuffed it in his hood and he had it in the hood the entire day and it just took naps and he fed it his milk during lunch and every time the cat meowed one of the other kids would like cough or sneeze or shuffle so the teacher couldnt hear it and he even let it walk around on the tables in one class and the teacher never saw it it was so precious life is amazing

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Oct 21 2014 10:00 pm

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Oct 21 2014 9:59 pm

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This is honestly the best poster I have found in a while supporting breast cancer awareness. I am honestly so sick of seeing, “set the tatas free” and “save the boobies”. There is no reason in hell a life threatening, life ruining disease should be sexualized. “Don’t wear a bra day,” go fuck yourselves. You’re not saving a pair of tits, you’re saving the entire package: mind, body, and soul included. Women are not just a pair of breasts.

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